Online Store Questions? I am here to help! 

More than ever, Brick and Mortar Retailers are relying on generating revenue from an Online Store. Here are just a handful of questions I can answer.

  • How do I set up an online store?
  • ​How much will it cost? 
  • How do I generate revenue without adding extra expenses? 
  • ​How do I ship products and manage inventory? 
  • ​How do I transfer my brand image for my brick and mortar to an online store?
  • ​How do I reinvent my brand so I can generate revenue in store and online? 
My name is Jim Doyon, CEO and Co-Founder of Woodward Movement. During this Covid-19 Pandemic, I am giving free consultations to business owners who have been forced to rely on eCommerce to generate revenue and sell inventory. I have been building eCommerce stores for over ten years. I own my own profitable online brand, and my passion is in helping small businesses grow. If you have questions on launching a new website, or setting your current site up properly, I am here to help. In order to assist as many as possible, I have set a block of time each day to help guide small business owners. I look forward to helping. 
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